Custom Assemblies Available

All assembled in the USA

​​​​​​Pre-Wired Connectors & Wiring Kits 
for Automotive, Commercial & Industrial Use

We put the SPEED in Wiring!

Our pre-wired connector assemblies can be used anywhere you need to connectorize an electrical connection.  

Use them to quicken custom installation and eliminate the need to purchase all of the individual parts needed to assemble connectors with multiple wire colors.

They are great for preventive maintenance repairs and machine improvements.

They can be used in many industrial applications in order to save time and money during assembly.  Choose the configuration that is right for your application. If you don't see an assembly that fits your electrical requirements, drop us a line. We are working to increase our product line and may be able to accommodate custom orders. 

You can use multiple kits in order to build systems with interchangeable components.

Below are some of the industries where our products are being used.   ​

  • Automotive
    • ​Racing
    • Hot Rods
    • Custom Builds
  • Commercial
  • Appliance
  • Robotics
  • Prototyping
  • Marine
  • Audio
  • ​Hobby